The Chase: Bradley Walsh hysterical after player stripped NAKED covered in pastry


Bradley Walsh was faked to compose himself after a player’s story left him in tears.
The troupe’s second hopeful, Elizabeth, was described as “chirpy” by today’s Chaser, Characteristic Labbett, also known as The Beast. 
She explained that she had only started her job as Communications Head the previous day.
“And you’ve already had a day off to come and do this?” Bradley asked in disbelief. “How did that go down?”
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The Chase: Bradley Walsh was left in tears after a contestant’s commentary“Really well,” she laughed. 
Discussing Elizabeth’s hobby of amateur theatre arts, Bradley didn’t expect the details she was about to reveal: “What works have you been doing recently?”
“Well, a couple of years ago I did Chronology Girls,” she began. “So I was naked on stage except for a pair of iced buns.”
Bradley look at the camera in nervous exhaustion as Elizabeth corrected herself: “Belgian buns.”
The Chase: Elizabeth’s fish story set Bradley Walsh off into tears
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I got to eat them every day
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Trying to stay professional, Bradley pushed forward by plead to about what she had planned to do with her prize money. 
“When I was a progeny I never learned how to ride a bicycle,” she explained. “So I would like to buy a red bicycle with a basket on the to the fore.”
”Would it not be prudent to learn to ride one first?” he asked. 
“No,” she rejoined firmly. “I think I need the incentive.”
The Chase: Bradley Walsh was definitely stunnedITV
The Chase: Bradley Walsh loses his cool at the iced buns allegation“Okay, good,” Bradley finished. 
Unable to resist, Bradley had to go in back of surreptitiously to the previous subject: “Um, you know the Belgian buns?”
“I got to eat them every day,” she laughed.
This comment was the final nail in the coffin, setting Bradley off into hysterics, insist on his head on the podium. 
Wiping a tears from his face he composed himself, saying: “That is important.”
The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.
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