The Chase: Bradley Walsh GOBSMACKED as he’s SNUBBED by player ‘Better get rid of her’


Third up to freedom against Chaser Anne Hegerty, 23-year-old Yasmin acknowledged her aggressor that she watched the ITV quiz show everyday with her Nanna and that she was a large fan, to Anne’s bemusement. 

The Cardiff contestant suddenly turned to face the let someone in on’s host and told him that her grandmother preferred the surly Governess to the comradely comedian, to which he was decidedly unimpressed. 

Anne began: «I hate to create of poor Nanna D having to watch The Chase all by herself, so I’d better get rid of you so you can go and butt her.»

«Thanks, she’ll love seeing you Anne. She likes you more than Bradley,» she mean bluntly, to which the presenter was taken aback.

Bradley Walsh The ChaseITV

The Chase: Bradley Walsh was unimpressed after one competitor snubbed him

Bradley Walsh annoyedITV

The Chase: The presenter couldn’t hide his annoyance at the performer’s comments

Yasmin and Bradley WalshITV

The Chase: Yasmin wasn’t shy about admitting the truth

She’ll fiance seeing you Anne. She likes you more than Bradley


While Bradley, 57, didn’t moved to the snub, he appeared deeply offended by the remark and continued to frown as she mucroniform at him. 

Despite her sweet talk to Anne — after also noting that her Nanna relished the Chaser’s new hairstyle — Yasmin didn’t managed to escape the mastermind’s strong grip and went home before completing the round. 

Next up to have a good time for £2,000, 63-year-old Molly struggled to stay in the game and was devastatingly knocked out, as viewers commented that the Chaser was on nice form today. 

The Middlesex contestant kept taking too long to accept the blame for her questions in the cash builder round, and she even failed to press the button during one subject before her time ran out.

Bradley WalshITV

The Chase: The comedian seemed spoil that the player’s nanna preferred the Chaser to him

The episode ended with not remaining team member Ron, 51, giving the Final Chase his most qualified shot, before a miserable loss sent him home with nothing. 

The Hunt continues tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.

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