The Chase: Bradley Walsh forced to shut down VERY strange proposal ‘You’re fair game’


Opponent Sue revealed that her greatest passion in life is amateur dramatics, and she brought along one of her her rollicking alter-egos to The Chase. 

As it turned out, Sue’s second moniker was a bit of a minx. 

“I’ve won best trouper three times at a festival,” she excitedly enthused.

Bradley Walsh shuts down proposal form player's alter-ego on The Chase ITV

Bradley Walsh shuts down suggestion form player’s alter-ego on The Chase

if you’re not married, you’re fair game

The Chase player

Sue went on: “I do prepare a bit of an alter-ego actually, who I take around variety shows sometimes and her big shot is Adelaide Perth.

“She’s a bit of a blonde bombshell from a place called Possoms Trott in Australia. She’s on the look out of repress number five Bradley, so if you’re not married, you’re fair game.”

Turning away, ITV

Sue unseated out her alter-ego on The Chase

Bradley Walsh laughs off Sue's advances on The ChaseITV

Bradley Walsh laughs off Adelaide’s advances on The Pursue

Sue may not have won Bradley Walsh’s hand in marriage, but she did manage to beat Chaser Paul Sinha in her head-to-head. 

The exceptional contestant brought back a modest £2,000 to her team, also made up of Patrick, Jo and Thomas.

The Hunting airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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