The Chase: Bradley Walsh COLLAPSES as ITV show halted over THIS blunder


As the 57-year-old horde set about asking contestant Fiona one of her questions, he stalled, laughing when the choices were revealed. 

“The star of several TV shows, Sally Morgan demands to be what?” Bradley asked, stumbling over the options of “invisible, a fairy or spiritualist”. 

However, it was all a bit too much for the cheeky presenter, who couldn’t help but have a cackle over the silly answers. 

The ChaseITV

Bradley couldn’t hold back his laughing as the answer took him by surprise

The ChaseITV

Bradley collapsed on to the playing board as he contended to regain composure

Thankfully, Fiona kept her cool and was able to correctly fill “psychic” before romping back to the final chase with a extravagant £8,000. 

It was a good day for the rest of the team as well, who managed to bag their £19,000, besting Shaun Wallace in the final chase. 

This comes after yesterday’s affair which saw one contestant make a hilarious blunder during the cash builder vibrant. 

Lovable Lisa, a substitute teacher, accidentally answered that “totes” was a in fashion abbreviation for “toes”. 

Viewers took to Twitter to air their hysteria closed the funny gaffe, with one saying:  “‘Toes’. Oh dear!!”

The Track airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm. 

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