The Chase: Bradley Walsh and Paul Sinha SLAM worst dressed contestant ever as fans go wild


The ITV question show favourite saw contestant Paul sporting an unusual moustache and mohawk party as well as a bright, colourful shirt.

His loud Hawiian shirt arrogated the attention of those at home who flooded to Twitter to mock his bold mould choices.

«Awful hair, awful shirt and awful sideburns (if you can standing by them that). In other words, I’m not a fan of Paul,» said one social media purchaser.

Another viewer commented: «Paul deffo went the barbers with a Roman helmet on and state ‘just cut round this bit here mate’.»(sic)

«Paul’s moustache is on-going away from his shirt,» a fan quipped on Twitter.

Many viewers of The Pursuit compared his unusual style to Jim Carey’s Ace Ventura or Nicholas Cage’s sign in Raising Arizona.

Even host Bradley Walsh made reflects about his look, mocking: «Paul is Eric Idle!»

Chaser Paul Sinha also went in, slamming him as he came to take on the head-to-head round, saying: «I’m just happy not to be the worst-dressed Paul on television any more.» 

Viewers were also exasperated by Paul’s behaviour during the other contestants’ rounds, slamming him for shudder his head repeatedly when he thought they had got the answers wrong.

One bodily commented: «The way Paul’s shaking his spiky head all the time, I’m expecting him to do good!»

However, when it came to his head-to-head, Paul infuriated viewers flush with further by opting to take the low offer of just £1,000, even be that as it may he went on to fly through the questions, getting them all right and returning safely to the get.

«D***head on #TheChase takes the low offer and then answers all the questions correctly,» averred a viewer, while another fumed: «Nothing worse than when someone scrams the lowest offer on The Chase.»

Even Bradley had a dig, telling Paul: «Shouldn’t have planned gone low really.»

The Chaser rubbed salt in the wound when he observed that Paul «took the coward’s way out».

With just Paul and his link up mate John left in the final chase, they managed to away the quizzing genius of The Sinnerman to take home £8,000 between them.

The Go out after continues Sunday at 3.45 pm on ITV.

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