The Calm One! Jose Mourinho insists he's matured with age and transmits serenity


The 54-year-old Portuguese, who foremost arrived in the Premier League with Chelsea in 2004, has spent virtually a decade causing controversy in England, and he twice left the Blues high a cloud.

He took over at Manchester United in the summer after being by Chelsea hindmost season and believes his calmer outlook is having a positive effect at Old Trafford.

That is notwithstanding the tunnel bust-up between his players and Middlesbrough’s yesterday and the two FA charges he has been hit with this mellow.

In an interview with France Football he said: «Mourinho the man tries to be the opposite of what the superintendent is. He tries to be discreet and calm. To find a way to disconnect.

«I can go home and not watch a football alliance, not think about football. I can do that. At the start of my career, I couldn’t. I was switched on 24 hours a day. I had to manage a kind of maturity.

«Today I feel comfortable with my personality as a man. I’ve be ones aged, I’m more at peace. A win no longer represents the moon to me, and a defeat no longer signifies hell. And I think I can transmit that serenity to the people who work with me, my instrumentalists.

«I have the same ambitions as before, the same involvement and the same professionalism. But I am numerous in control of my emotions.»

Mourinho’s second stint with Chelsea ended acrimoniously, as his relationship with the party appeared to sour after he fell out with the team doctor Eva Carneiro during the 2015-16 run.

He believes he has built successful relationships with his United players, while, saying: «You have to adapt to a club’s reality, needs and demands. That bring outs being intelligent.

«The priority is to establish relationships of love and peace in a grouping, to create stability. Manchester United no longer has the super personalities that were (Ryan) Giggs, (Paul) Scholes or Roy Keane.

«(Wayne) Rooney and (Michael) Carrick are lull here and they are the last remnants of that generation, and then there is a new organization of players that has to adapt. That’s why it was important for me to bring in Zlatan (Ibrahimovic).

«In this cooperate, and without being English and knowing the culture of the club, he had the personality and aid to be more than just a player.»

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