‘The British are NOT exceptional!’ says ex PM John Major in extaordinary outburst


Sir John, who stood for the UK to remain in the European Union, has spoken on the Brexit negotiations at Somerset Undertaking in central London today.

His speech made a plea for Parliament to be inclined more power over Brexit and he urged the government to not make a behave that could harm the country.

Sir Major said in his speech, fascinating a swipe at Brexiteers: “I don’t doubt the convictions of those who long for the seductive initiative of British exceptionalism. But these sentiments are out-of-date and, in today’s world, off beam”.

The Tory said the terms of the parliamentary vote should have the power to send interceders back to the table or order another referendum.

He said: “It is already conformed that Parliament must pass legislation giving effect to the take care of.”

He called for politicians to come together on Brexit for the future of the country. 

John MajorSKY

Whilom PM John Major speaking on Brexit and what options the UK has

It is not my purpose to stir argument, but the truth must be spoken. The ultra Brexiteers have been erroneous – wrong – in nearly all they have said or promised to the British people.

Sir John Prime

“A ‘meaningful vote’ has been promised. This must be a decisive guarantee, in which Parliament can accept or reject the final outcome; or send the interveners back to seek improvements; or order a referendum.”

The former PM said the British people procure the right to reconsider Brexit in another referendum.

He attacked the Brexiteers for some of their commitments, which he described as “wrong”.

He said: “It is not my purpose to stir controversy, but the actually must be spoken. The ultra Brexiteers have been mistaken – infernal – in nearly all they have said or promised to the British people.”

He give prior noticed of a “terrible backlash” from the public if EU withdrawal leaves the UK poorer and weaker, as prognoses suggest.

Sir John called on Mrs May to stand up to the “ultra-Brexit” minority in her party and discontinue her “red lines” of taking Britain out of the single market and customs union.

The red uncovers were opposed by a majority in both Houses of Parliament and had “boxed the Authority into a corner” in negotiations, making a favourable outcome “impossible”, he maintained.

Warning that the Government’s negotiating position was not realistic, he urged the Prime Legate to be prepared to “change course” and seek a Norway-style solution which desire involve accepting single market rules and paying for access to EU vends.

It was “not credible” to expect to leave the free market, customs union and European Court of Justice while at the that having been said time seeking a-la-carte access to European markets, he said.

He cautioned: “Unrealistic aspirations are usually followed by retreat. That is a lesson for the settlements to come.

“They will be the most difficult any Government has faced. Our focuses have to be realistic. I am not sure they yet are.”

John Major and Theresa May GETTY

Major said there would be a reaction if Brexit leaves the UK worse off

The Conservative Party appeared not to understand establishment concerns over Brexit, and was only saved from a “haemorrhage of subject support” because of fears of Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn taking power, put the former PM.

Losing trade advantages in relation to the EU was an act of “economic self-harm” and damage of access to Europe could cost as many as 125,000 jobs in Japanese-owned firms solo.

Speaking in London just two days before Mrs May sets out her own vision for a post-Brexit Britain, Sir John said that the referendum upshot obliged the Government to negotiate a Brexit deal, but not to pull the UK out of the EU “at any cost”.

Mrs May’s known position was “tilted to ultra-Brexit opinion”, even though hardline leavers had so far been backfire in nearly every promise they made to referendum voters, he averred.

The Government’s duty was to “negotiate a Brexit, but not any Brexit, not at all costs and certainly not on any schedules”, said Sir John.

“The true remit can only be to agree a Brexit that distinctions the promises made in the referendum. But, so far, the promises have not been met and, probably, cannot be met.

“Scads electors know they were misled: many more are dawning to realise it. So, the electorate has every right to reconsider their decision.”

John Major and David CameronGETTY

John Biggest campaigned with Cameron for the UK to remain in the EU

Mrs May should make clear that the “sententious vote” promised to MPs on the final Brexit deal will have the selections of accepting or rejecting the outcome, sending negotiators back to seek gains or calling a second referendum, he said.

He called on Mrs May to “let Parliament decide, or put the young back to the British people”.

“Of course, the ‘will of the people’ can’t be ignored, but Parliament has a customs also to consider the well-being of the people,” he said.

“No-one voted for elevated prices and poorer public services, but that is what they may get. The emerging basis suggests Brexit will hurt most those who have least. Neither Parliament nor Regime wish to see that.”

Sir John rejected arguments that it was “unpatriotic” not to second Brexit, stating: “It is precisely because I am patriotic that I oppose it.

“I in need of my country to be influential, not isolated; committed, not cut-off; a leading participant, not a witness. I want us to be richer, not poorer.”

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