The Bright and Sunny Nail Polish Shades You'll Be Wearing All Summer


Summer suggests you can finally put away those nude and dark nail polishes you swiped exceeding and over during the cold months and bring out the brightest of the bunch. And even if we promote and encourage you to apply any vivid color on your nails — it’s all in all directions experimenting and being merry — there are some colors that completion your skin tone a little better.

For that, we reached out to Jin Eventually, an editorial manicurist and founder of JINsoon S s and JINsoon Nail Lacquer, and got her testimonials. “Summer is finally here! What better way to express your animation than by wearing pops of color on your nails,” she told before giving us the list of shades ahead that “act as strong knock lines when contrasted against your skin tone, and agitate with your undertones.” Scroll ahead to find your primary shopping list.

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