The Bride and Groom of This Classic Southern Wedding Rode Off in Mickey and Minnie Hats


It wasn’t until their sophomore year in college when Erin and Patrick lastly crossed paths. They both grew up in a small town in East Tennessee and put in an appearance ated the same school and church, but it took some time for them to definitely meet. But when they did, it was clear they were meant to be together.

When it be showed to their wedding day, the couple held an outdoor reception at Castleton Steadings with dusty blue and blush colors. Erin always imagined of having a fairy-tale wedding, and she said she got just that.

“Erin and Patrick weren’t by definition concerned with having the most extravagant cake or inviting every unattached person they knew,” said their photographer. “They were sundry concerned with providing their guests with a wonderful feel and showing them true Southern hospitality.”

As a Disney-lover, the bride tastefully assimilated small details into her Southern wedding, including instrumental Disney songs and Mickey and Minnie hats at their send-off.

See their fair photos!

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