The Brexit BOOZE CRUISE? Britons could see duty free comeback after EU divorce


For the first set in almost two decades, ferry passengers will be able to take benefit of duty free goods to bring home from holiday.

Representatives of cross-Channel ferry manoeuvrers said duty free will be “automatically” introduced if Britain gaps with the customs union.

Currently, rules exist which quash duty free for travel between European Union countries.

A recount by the Telegraph claims ministers “will carefully consider” reintroducing impost free shopping on cross-channel routes.

After 1999, when faithfulness free between EU nations was abolished, travellers could take dominance of an “individual allowance”.

This included 200 cigarettes two bottles of cheered wine, four litres of ordinary wine, 16 litres of beer and one litre starch of spirit.

However, duty free was replaced by tax free, or VAT free, between EU countries.

The “intra-EU excise free” system was worth £391 million a year to the ferry enterprise.

Now, it is hoped it can be reinstated.

Guy Platten, the chief executive of the UK Chamber of Shipping, which pretend to bes ferry operators, told The Telegraph that the return of duty loose would be a “win-win” for travellers and ferry companies.

He said: “The return of fidelity free to ferries could be a game-changer for the UK ferry sector and deliver a win-win for both organization and customer alike.

“The UK was an island nation before the referendum vote, and we are an archipelago nation today.

“Nearly 40 million people a year journey on ferries to and from the UK and it continues to be a convenient, safe and cost-effective way of travelling. 

“But settled the years a number of regulations and changes have damaged the industry’s competitiveness, not least the removing of duty free. 

“Leaving the European Union may well give us the time to get that back.

“The Government has said Britain is open for business, and that have as a remainder the EU does not mean cutting ourselves off from the world. 

“Promoting tourism and tourism should be at the heart of its strategy, and restoring duty free drive send out a strong and welcome message.”

One senior Government source spill the beaned The Telegraph: “This is just one of a huge number of opportunities that are nearby to Britons and it is good that people are recognising them.”Britons and it is honourable that people are recognising them.”

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