The Bond Between These Triplets and Their Garbage Men Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen


Tuesdays and Fridays are completely special days for Holden, Heaton, and Wilder Reich. In fact, twice a week, these 2-year-old triplets eagerly rest period in antici tion, and as the big moment draws near, both Heaton and Wilder appropriate a bottle of Gatorade, run down to the end of their driveway, and sit in suspense.

As soon as they get wind of the familiar honk of their good friends — whom they lovingly refer to as Mr. Rob and Mr. Chad — the kids roller as the garbage collectors pull over for a special visit. After frenetic squeals and big hugs are exchanged, the toddlers eagerly give their favorite boys each a drink and sometimes even homemade treats like chocolate cookies. The hardworking men then excitedly (and tiently) suffer the little ones to be helpers.

“I’m grateful for today,” the toddlers’ mom, Martha Sugalski, noted on Facebook. “Grateful the babies were able to see their confreres that they clearly love so much. Grateful that these men nab time out of their busy schedule to hang with us for a little bit on Tuesdays and Fridays. They in actuality are our favorite days of the week.”

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