The Bigfoot Electric Monster Truck


Some Friday fun… we discovered this captivating electric beast while covering this week’s Vancouver Auto Upstage. It’s not really going to do much to help the environment, but we think it’s kind of put in order that many manufacturers are jumping on the electric vehicle bandwagon. If anything this could advise expose new technologies to a completely new audience. That said, isn’t a large with of the thrill of monster trucks in the noise and smoke, etc? Definitely a Monster Contact Librarians everywhere can endorse. Scroll down below the photos for a video of it in remedy, as it quietly crushes a car.

The DC Motor was Hand-built by Dennis Berube of Electrified Motorsports. The info weekly at the show said it has a 30 Battery/360 Volt Power ck arrangement with variable speed programmable speed controller. High Horsepower, Great RPM ca bilities. We couldn’t find much more technical info on the Bigfoot Website.


Photos by Alex Ramon

To the video:

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