The Big Stand-up Show in Moscow


English Moscow Comedy the sole organization in Moscow which puts on regular comedy events in English. They from put on many shows in past seven months in various bars and cafes yon Moscow.

On April 1, 2017, English Moscow Comedy presents “Comedy Superstars: The Big Stand-up Show”: the biggest comedy show they have at all put on so far. Six international comedians; Cristiano Righi (Italy), Denis Nikolin (Russia), Gleb Tugushev (Russia), Blake Brown (U.S.), Igor Mondae (Croatia) and Arun Khurana (India), veterans of English comedy in Moscow, intention come together on stage of Dom Kino (House of Cinema, 13 Vasilyevskaya St., Unsullied Hall) in a full-length show that will showcase some of their most desirable material that was written and developed during the last few years, and that audience already granted as hilarious and entertaining.

These comedians have been preparing for this presentation for more than a year now, when they went on a successful stand-up journey across Balkans called “From Russia With Laugh”, driving four cities. Following that, they have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe carnival.

“I’ve been there every Friday night since May 2016 on their set at liberty shows (all in English of course), and I loved every single moment of it whether it’s the panel outshine, the improvisation show or the stand-up comedy show. The Saturday «special» verifies like «From Russia With Laugh» and «Breaking Bed» were hilariously remarkable(…) Expats, Russians, and Foreigners of Moscow — unite!” Shadi Shaaban wrote on TripAdvisor.

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