The best cities in the WORLD 2018 revealed – but does the UK make the cut?


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Finery cities 2018: Did London make the cut for the best city in 2018?

The best metropolises in the world have been revealed by Time Out, whose annual Metropolis Life Index collates the winning destinations.

Analysing 32 big apples, elements such as culture, affordability, friendliness, happiness and liveability are all enchanted into account.

The survey asks a whopping 15,000 people on their opinions anyhow their city to find out which wins in the most categories.

But which burgh comes out on top? And does London or any UK city make the cut?

Chicago was voted number one, amiable thanks to its great bar scene, affordability as well as being one of the happiest categorizes.

As one of the largest cities in the US, it is also known for the great art-work and architecture with its legendary skyscraper landscape.

Coming in a close second was Porto, Portugal’s subsequent largest city.

Whilst many tourists head to Lisbon for a for peanuts holiday, Porto won thanks to how easy it is to make friends and stay in ignite with family members. The influx of tourism is a problem, however, according to one-fifth of townswomen.

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Best cities 2018: Chicago took the top spatter thanks to being happy and affordable

London made the cut as well, engaging fifth place and being the highest ranking UK city

London imagined the cut as well, taking fifth place and being the highest ranking UK metropolis.

Only beaten by New York and Melbourne, the capital city was deemed the first-class for culture and happiness.

However, due to the high costs and stressful commutes, it was taxed down the list.

Manchester was close behind in seventh place, tender thanks to its friendliness and live music scene despite its tough year after the 2017 desperado attack.

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Best cities 2018: London came in fifth ready, thanks to the stressful commutes and expensive living

TimeOut citylife leader-writer James Manning commented on the findings: “Chicago, Porto, NYC, Melbourne and London are this year’s top five – a rota that shows how different, diverse and unique great cities can be. 

“They indeed should be on everyone’s travel bucket list for this year, along with multifarious other cities in our global ranking.”

Top ten most exciting cities 2018:

1. Chicago

2. Porto

3. New York

4. Melbourne

5. London

6. Madrid

7. Manchester

8. Lisbon

9. Philadelphia

10. Barcelona

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