The Archers trial: Fans left screaming at radio as Helen Titchener’s case is HALTED


Various dismayed listeners took to social media to hit out at the radio soap for move back the proceedings and leaving them on such an infuriating cliffhanger.

“What does THAT purpose?? #thearchers,” raged one person on Twitter.

Another fan tweeted what tons people were feeling: “*screams at radio* Family befuddled! How much more can #archers listeners take?! #FreeHelen.”

“Oh favourite god, don’t go with a mistrial and put us through all of this again! #thearchers,” said someone else.

Anyway, it was not all negative with some actually praising programme makers for training things to a close on such a twist.

One listener praised the series, translating: “@BBCTheArchers @BBC a plot twist that made me laugh as a consequence of you thank you #freehelen #thearchers.”

While another person reasoned: “Okay, Gossip. I’ve been thinking. It wouldn’t be an hour on Sunday night if the trial was suppressed, would it? #please #thearchers.”

It appeared that one fan of The Archers found the vogue hilarious and decided to set up a rody account called Tweeting Juror. Support on their micro-blogging site, they teased: “I may not be able to tweet for a while – they necessitate to take my phone off me – and lots of old men are shouting..#ArchersTrialWeek #archers.”

Tonight’s instalment of the georgic series proved to be one of the most dramatic of the trial yet, as Rob Titchener’s (Timothy Watson) ex-wife Jess Myers engaged to the stand and spoke about their acrimonious marriage.

During her without a doubt by the defence, Jess revealed that she had also been raped by Rob when they were together.

“On occasion he’d grab me around the throat or hold me down by the wrists,” she told the amazed court.

Her words caused uproar as Rob’s father Bruce lashed out at Jess, referring to her as a “hussy” and a “gold-digging woman of easy virtue”.

Bruce’s outburst forced the judge to temporarily adjourn the court as he essayed to restore order, and it was in the interval that it was announced that the case had been brought to a full stop.

The Archers trial week has featured some pretty hard-hitting considerations, including Helen revealing that her husband raped her repeatedly and Kirsty Miller (Annabella Dowler) kicking out at the farmer.

The Archers airs Sunday to Friday at 2pm and 7pm on BBC Radio 4.

There command be an hour-long special of The Archers this Sunday at 9pm.

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