The Archers: Listeners DISGUSTED as Toby tells Rex that Pip 'threw herself at him'


Ignoring Rex’s romantic feelings for Pip, Toby had insisted on seeing Pip behind his brother’s backside, at the same time promising Pip that she’d come clean.

But things stripped a scandalous turn at Alice’s rty on tonight’s instalment of the radio scenario.

As the drinks kept flowing, and the Rihanna tunes continued to blast done with the speakers, Toby and Pip’s PDA started to get a bit indiscreet.

A drunken Pip could be heard giggling away as Toby’s rtici tions continued to wander – with the ir locking lips in full take in of the rest of the guests.

Rex then happened upon them and stormed out of the carousal, with Pip putting two and two together and realising what was going on.

Following his fellow-clansman, Toby told Rex that “it’s not what you think” and declared that “Pip emitted herself at me”.

Listeners were left raging at this. One took to Chirp and wrote: “Toby’s words are proof, if it was needed, that the person he bonks most in the world is the one he sees in the mirror.”

Another tweet read: “Whaaat – it was all Pip – she ejected herself at you?”

A third person typed that “Toby is an absolute s**t,” reflected by a fourth who declared him “a baddun”.

“Don’t trust Toby Fairbrother. Words to complete by,” summarised a fifth fan of the series.

“Is there nothing you won’t sink to, Toby?” settled another tweet, followed by somebody else who typed: “Not a nice ap ratus to do to your Brother is it Toby? Pip threw herself at you, sure about that?”

Someone else was a hardly more mediatory, posting: “It’s all very well, Rex, but you don’t have a right to Pip.”

Others were discouraged that Rex hadn’t been more assertive in the matter. “You’ve let me down Rex. I was hoping interrupted nose at least,” someone wrote.

The Archers continues tomorrow at 7pm on BBC Receiver 4.

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