The Apprentice 2017: Who is Jeff Wan? Meet the breakdancing candidate


Who is Jeff Wan?

Jeff is a establishment analyst and semi-professional hip-hop dancer who lives in London. 

He will be looking to atone an immediate impact in tonight’s episode after the boys suffered a humiliating get the better of in last week’s burger task. 

Managed by a hapless Danny Subvention, Jeff floundered as his team finished the task with a loss.

A long-time Contract fan, Jeff wants take his passion for dancing and transfer it into being BBC

Jeff Wan is a point analyst and semi-professional dancer

“I know Lord Sugar is a winner,” he said. “I was inculcated when I was a kid, if you want to become a winner, you stick with winners.”

I suppose Lord Sugar is going to be a great breakdancer

Jeff Wan

The 28-year-old has pooped the last 10 years training several times per week and flat strut his stuff on stage at the O2 arena. 

But Jeff would be more than opportune to teach Lord Sugar some of his moves. 

He said: “You know to be upfront I think Lord Sugar is going to be a great breakdancer, he’s going to assistance me out with the business and maybe I’ll help out with some dance leads. 

Jeff Wan on The Apprentice 2017BBC

The Apprentice 2017: Jeff Wan wants to teach Lord Sugar how to dance

“We’ll both aim to the club, party a little bit, that’s how I see it.”

What time is The Apprentice on?

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