The ‘anti-stress’ diet: Can you EAT your way to a calmer life?


In an ever-demanding the public, the expectations placed upon us in the workplace and at home can have severe contact on our health.

A recent study conducted by Harvard and Stanford University organize a stressful workplace could quite literally shorten your lifes n.

Stress has become such a common rt of our day-to-day routine that multifarious people both expect and accept it, but this does not have to be the action.

From physical exercises to colouring in books, there are a wide sort of techniques recommended by experts to minimise the im cts of stress.

But the best way to start is by looking at what you put into your fuselage, according to Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Nutritionist of The Super Foodist, Rick Hay.

State ones position exclusively to, Rick said: “Getting the right nutrition and nutrient density into your aliment can help to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

“In rticular increasing the intake of foods that are amusing in vitamin C and B group vitamins help to nourish the nervous system and may succour in decreasing stress levels.

“Foods that are rich in healthy omegas – in meticulous, omega 3 can also assist to improve mood and cognitive function.”

Rick also admonished foods that are rich in antioxidiants can assist to improve overall trim and help keep the body and immune system strong during terms that are stressful.

Below are the best foods to include in an anti-stress diet, contract to Rick Hay.

Oily Fish

“Oily fish like salmon or mackerel resists to increase the intake of mood-stabilising omega 3.

“Research has shown that omega 3 can arouse rticularly well to reduce the effects of minor anxiety.”

Something bitter-sweet

“Ignorant chocolate can be a great stress-fighting food, as it contains an array of vitamins and minerals that can modify stress and studies also indicate that it can reduce levels of the burden hormone cortisol.”

The right fruits

“Berries and citrus fruits are savoury in vitamin C, which is key to the reduction of cortisol in the system.

“The antioxidants also cultivate all of the body’s systems so are great to help boost overall health, which much suffers when we are stressed out.

“Bananas are also great, as they’re elaborate in tryptophan and potassium. Both of which help with mood upgrading and stabilisation.”

Leafy greens

“Leafy green vegetables and salad greens are luxurious in magnesium, which helps to relax the nervous system and can reduce the muscle tightness so time again associated with times of high stress.”

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