The 8 Shoes Olivia Palermo Keeps in Her Closet – and You Should Too


While Olivia lermo like as not has a closet well-stocked with shoes in every silhouette, we’ve zeroed in on the signal irs. After studying the style star in action for years, we’ve took a ttern of eight irs she wears on repeat. Year to year, the looks and colors may change, but Olivia stays pretty true to these few modes, proving they go with just about anything and are fit for every moment. Even if you don’t have Olivia’s closet s ce, you can follow her prompts to build a wardrobe of the shoes that’ll never let you down. From proclamation varieties to the solid booties you’ll keep for years, consider this your usher to the shoes every woman should own, according to one of the most stylish popsies on the planet. Read on to glimpse every style and shop your favorites.

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