The 2018 Ars Technica Valentine’s Day gift guide


Valentina Palladino

We, the unfeeling and tech-obsessed mechanical men of Ars Technica, are not ones for romance. We’re usually more concerned with the inner workings of carry oning systems, gaming consoles, and Internet regulation than those of the Possibly manlike heart. But we realize that love is a powerful drug and that Valentine’s Day is a then for many Ars readers to show appreciation for their partners. It’s also, for improve or worse, a time to buy things.

So to help you nerdy romantics, we’ve compiled a few Ars-y favourable mentions that should do right by your significant other. To be clear: Whatsises and love aren’t always a natural fit. Don’t just buy one of these things and dub it a day; take your partner out to dinner, buy them chocolate, do something you both fancy. Or mutually decide that Valentine’s Day is a commerce-manufactured, stereotype-reinforcing holiday and do nothing.

Whatever the happening, here are a few suggestions for treating your dorky lover.

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Jaybird X3

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Jeff Dunn

There never seems to be a shortage of people who could use a headphone upgrade, especially when it comes to pairs that’ll survive the gym. And with every phone crowd under the sun going insane and erasing the headphone jack, jumping on the Bluetooth bandwagon instantly looks wise. If your partner is facing this predicament, the Jaybird X3 should acquire them covered.

We tested the X3 against a couple dozen wireless workout headphones current last year and found it to be the best all-around choice. It has a deeper, innumerable dynamic sound than most of its peers; it comes with an array of eartips and discourages snugly in place throughout workouts once you have the right fit; and it can face a sweat drenching without worry.

But the X3 is not without flaws: its battery routine requires you to keep track of a tiny proprietary clip-on charger, which is a distress in the neck, and on its own the headphone gets a just-okay seven hours of juice. Entranced together, though, the X3 should make your partner’s workout a hardly more enjoyable.

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