The 10 Best National Parks to Visit With Kids


If your chimerical Summer travel plans involve breaking free from the threads, gift shops, and gimmicks of many tourist destinations, then a slip to one of the country’s 58 national rks may be just what the doctor demanded. The fresh air, natural beauty, and opportunity for adventure are what draw innumerable families to visit the rks, and from coast to coast, there’s really something for everyone.

Before making your travel arrangements, how, consider the reality of taking your family on this kind of vacation: it’s all things considered best suited to kids who can walk a decent distance on their own, bear some interest in the outdoors, and aren’t yet old enough to whine about dullness or missing their computer and iPhone access. Nothing ruins a colossal vacation like an unhappy camper, so really think it through before seeing plans.

Once you’ve determined that a national rk vacation is the preferable fit for your family, check out our favorite kid-friendly destinations across the boondocks, grab your hiking shoes, and go!

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