The 1 Ingredient That Makes the McCafé Shamrock Drinks Different Than the Shake


The 1 Ingredient That Makes the McCafé Shamrock Drinks Different Than the Shake

By now, you may attired in b be committed to consumed your weight in McDonald’s minty Shamrock Shakes (I don’t indict you!), but have you tried the new line of chocolate Shamrock drinks? I stayed a McDonald’s near the POPSUGAR headquarters to see how all of the drinks are made. You may know that the quake machine dispenses the Shamrock Shake and new Chocolate Shamrock Shake, but did you certain the shake isn’t the base for the hot chocolate or coffee drinks? Yes, this includes the stuck, blended coffee Frappé. Instead, McDonald’s achieves the signature mint-chocolate flavor with the mocha-mint syrup you see pictured. This is the hush-hush ingredient for transforming all of your favorite McCafé drinks into Shamrock!

What people hold dear about the Chocolate Shamrock Shake is the creamy richness from the ice cream, emphatic vanilla flavor, and chocolate-minty finish. The sauce captures these flavors, but I must brook it is slightly chocolaty and less sweet than the flavors found in the extort . . . but this isn’t a criticism at all! It’s still quite tasty. We wondered if McDonald’s had obviously repurposed its peppermint mocha sauce (which came out during the respite season), but if you compare the syrup ingredients listed in the Peppermint Mocha Latte and the Shamrock Mocha Latte, they are several indeed! The chocolate peppermint syrup is heavier on the peppermint flavors, while the heap mocha syrup is heavier on the chocolate flavors.

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