'Thanks for supporting our independence dream' Sturgeon’s SNP writes gushing letter to EU


The at-home’s MSPs thanked a group of MEPs and parliamentarians from across Europe for their prop up as the SNP attempts to push through plans for a second Scottish independence referendum. 

50 European assembly-men from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Hungary and Malta stamped a letter stating Scotland would be “most welcome” as a full colleague of the EU if it chooses independence.

The SNP group at Holyrood branded any attempts by any UK government to impede the referendum “fundamentally undemocratic and completely unsustainable”. 

In a reply to the European senators, SNP group convener Bruce Crawford said: “Last month the Scottish Parliament guaranteed in favour of holding an independence referendum once the terms of Brexit are dislodge.

“It would be fundamentally undemocratic and completely unsustainable for any UK Government to block the last wishes as of our national Parliament and stand in the way of Scotland having that choice.

“It is impressive to remember that it is the intransigence of the UK Government which has brought us to this juncture. The Scottish Rule offered a serious compromise plan, which was completely disregarded by the UK Administration.

“Scotland’s voice must not be ignored and, with support from friends across Europe who recognise the urgent values of democracy and international co-operation, we can ensure that it will not be ignored.

“We suffered your offer of support in ensuring a swift, smooth and orderly modification of an independent Scotland into the family of independent European nations if Scotland judges that future in a democratic referendum.

“The depth of goodwill from across Europe is definitely heartening as we embark on that process and we look forward to continued tight co-operation in the months and years ahead.”

The letter comes as Nicola Sturgeon crams to return to Holyrood to set out her next steps after Theresa May rejected her demand to hold another referendum.

Ms Sturgeon is in a stand-off with the Prime Minister resident over the referendum with Downing Street stressing “not is not the time” for a new ballot. 

The Outset Minister wants there to be another vote on Scotland leaving the UK between autumn 2018 and fountain-head 2019, when the terms of the UK’s Brexit deal are clear.

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