‘Thank you Boris!’ Spoof posters mocking Russia’s Brexit ‘contribution’ erected in London


Pranksters affirming to be Russian military intelligence agents say they are behind the posters, which main attraction Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin and slogans including “let’s celebrate a Red, Chaste and Blue Brexit”. Questions have been raised over Russian wires during the historic 2016 vote, though the UK has said it found no trace of interference from Moscow. The ‘Proud Bear’ group – which says it is a “collective of Russia GRU agencies” – today released a statement claiming responsibility for the posters and encouraging viewers to inflict a website.

The site includes an appeal to raise £55,000 to fund a 40-metre-wide electronic billboard in Waterloo install to celebrate their “role” in the Brexit vote.

A mock-up of the screen acts a shirtless Mr Putin, Big Ben flying a Russian flag and the slogan “taking break control”.

The Cabinet Office and Mr Johnson both declined to comment.

Tens of thousands of Bustle accounts are understood to have tweeted pro-Brexit messages in the build-up to the EU Referendum in 2016, but the affect of the messages has not been accurately assessed.

The group’s website links in all respects to a series of news stories about a US Senate report which examined Russian disinformation efforts and “depositions that have emerged of Russian interference” in the run-up to the 2016 referendum.

Concealed in the website’s source code is a message, written in Russian, which whoop it ups the true sentiment behind the posters.

Part of it reads: ”Theresa May prefers to support Brexit’s ridiculous plan instead of stopping for a moment and truly scrutinizing the question of whether Russia’s influence was really decisive in the vote.

“The UK directly needs a Muller-style investigation into Russian intervention in the Brexit throw.”

After being contacted by the Press Association, a member of the Proud Exhibit group said the “hostile message” in the website source code is “CIA website overworking”.

The group’s webmaster, “Mikhael Klikov”, has been sent on a “forever gala in Siberia” for allowing the mistake, they added.

A video posted by the Proud Have a bearing on group on Twitter showed Mr Putin riding a bulldog with the seemingly of Leave campaigner Arron Banks.

A caption in the video says: “People of small island – it is time to celebrate.”

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