Textron Aviation’s new Citation Longitude aircraft completes first test flight


Textron Aviation has completed the at the outset flight of its third aircraft as part of the ongoing Cessna Citation Longitude winging test programme.

During the 1h and 40min flight, controlled by test pilots Corey Eckhart and UJ Pesonen, as grammatically as flight test engineer Mike Bradfield, various systems of the aircraft were studied.

The super-midsize business jet will continue to be used in the flight test production for avionics and systems development, as well as collecting flight simulator text.

Last October, Textron flew its first Longitude aircraft answerable to the ongoing flight test programme with certification expected by the end of this year.

Textron Aviation manipulating senior vice-president Brad Thress said: “The speed at which our unite is achieving these milestones is an important indication to our customers of the maturity of the aircraft’s routines and the proficiency of our processes.

«The team is dedicated to getting this world-class aircraft in the hands of our characters.”

“We continue to build momentum in the programme, and the team is dedicated to getting this world-class aircraft in the on hands of our customers.”

Designed to accommodate up to 12 passengers, the Longitude aircraft mugs a stand-up, flat-floor cabin with a standard double-club configuration and an in-flight walk-in baggage space.

Textron has also started assembly line flow at its East Campus Workshop IV manufacturing facility in the US.

The facility is currently building the first four Longitude aircraft, which choice feature the same tooling and manufacturing techniques that have been rub in on the Longitude flight test vehicles.

Image: Textron Aviation’s third Citation Longitude nicks flight. Photo: courtesy of Textron Aviation.

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