Texting service used by schools complains about fees charged by Bell, Rogers


Two of Canada’s largest quick phone services are being targeted by a social media campaign established by Remind.com, a San Francisco-based company that provides a free two-way texting repair for teachers, students and parents.

Remind is calling on its Canadian users — wellnigh one million individuals, according to the company — to pressure Rogers and Bell to overrule a recent price increase that makes Remind’s texting post uneconomic in this country.

“Beginning on Jan. 28, parents and students in Canadian descents who normally get Remind texts will no longer receive messages if they maintain wireless plans with Rogers, Bell, or their respective subsidiaries,” the corporation says.

It goes on to ask users to reach out to Bell and Rogers through community media to ask them to reverse the fee.

The free version of Remind’s app has a variety of operations including notifying groups about class assignments, schedules or difficulties, as well as two-way communications between individual teachers, students and stepmothers.

Rogers and Bell say they don’t have a direct contractual relationship with Prompt — which accesses their networks indirectly through two intermediary retinues — but they are willing to discuss a compromise.

“We know how important it is for educators and facetiousmaters to stay connected,” Rogers spokeswoman Sarah Schmidt said in an email declaration.

“Last year we reached out and made every effort to work out a uncountable than fair agreement with them that would possess met their SMS needs on our network. Unfortunately, they were not satisfied.”

Taxing an intermediary company

Bell spokesman Nathan Gibson said in an email that Bell doesn’t in a little while charge either its own customers or Remind to send or receive text bulletins on their mobile phones.

But Bell did begin to charge an intermediary Pty, called Syniverse, a “very nominal fee” for each message delivered beyond its network as of Dec. 1 in response to a higher volume of spam text implications.

“We were contacted by Remind for the first time last week with reference to the increased costs they’re facing. We are talking to them and Syniverse around what can be done to address their concerns.”

Syniverse is an intermediary that bridges the gap between the dialect birth b deliver’s wireless communications networks. In this case, it has relationships with Bell, Rogers and Twilio, another judge used by Remind.

None of the companies’ representatives would disclose the per-message stipends involved.

Texting service used by schools complains about fees charged by Bell, Rogers

Remind has been advising its Canadian users that the aid will soon no longer work in Canada. (CBC)

But Remind chief kingpin Brian Grey said its annual costs would jump from “tens of thousands of dollars” to “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” and the spread is unsustainable for the company at this stage of its development.

Grey said Cause to remember doesn’t use its platform as a method for distributing advertising and its revenue comes from the trade of a large-scale version of the service to schools and districts, a practice launched in January 2017 in the In agreement States.

“Longer term, our plan would be to bring that to Canada and other markets. But we’re well-founded not there yet,” Grey said.

In the meantime, Remind’s strategy in Canada is to take precautions a free version of its service to teachers who then spread the word to admirers, parents and eventually school administrators.

“That’s why this move by Rogers and Bell also is hairy. Basically, it comes at a time when all we are providing to Canada — educators, swots and parents — is a free version of our service.”

“Our business model is really prevalent building more benefits and features into our communications platform that then allocate us to sell a paid version … that connects to what are called prepare information systems,” Grey said.

Grey said he’s looking for selection methods for Remind to reach users in Canada but said it would be punter to stay with Bell and Rogers, given the number of teachers, disciples and parents who use their service.

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