Tesco WARNING: Supermarket recalls two chicken salad meals after THIS shock discovery


Tesco chicken salad recallGETTY/TESCO

Tesco has recalled two of its chicken salad meals

Campylobacter has been establish in the supermarket’s 160g Chicken Salad and 315g Chicken, broccoli, Almond and Cashew Nut Salad tubs. 

The bacteria is the most garden cause of food poisoning and its usual symptoms include fever, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps. 

It’s considered to be accountable for more than 280,000 cases of food poisoning each year. 

Earmarks usually occur between two and five days after eating stained food and usually last less than a week. 

Tesco chicken salad recallTESCO

Tesco chicken salad remembrance: Its believed they contain a food poisoning risk

Please earn the affected products to store where a full refund will be prone. no receipt is required.

Product details: 

Product: Tesco Chicken Salad 

Party size: 160g

‘Use by’ date: 12/07/2017 and 13/07/2017 

Product: Tesco Chicken, Broccoli, Almond & Cashew Nut Salad

Drove size: 315g

‘Use by’ date: 12/07/2017 and 13/07/2017 

No other Tesco products are conscious to be affected

A Tesco spokesman thought: ““Food safety is always our absolute priority, so as a precautionary range we have recalled selected batches of our chicken salads and launched a exhaustive investigation to fully understand what has happened.

«We continue to work spiritedly with our supplier partners to ensure that we maintain the highest standards and into all industry requirements.”

Tesco chicken salad recallGETTY

Tesco chicken salad recall: Campylobacter can prime mover diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting

“Tesco apologises to out customers for any inconvenience occasioned.” 

The Food Standards Agency has issued the following advice to consumers: “If you be enduring bought any of the above products do not eat them. Instead, return it to the store from where it was allow for a full refund.” 

Just last week, Tesco was forced to recision two sauce kits after discovering they may be unsafe to eat. 

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