Terror warning: The most dangerous countries in the world MAPPED


The most iffy countries in the world to travel to have been unveiled in a new study  -and there’s righteousness reason why you should never go there.

The nations which pose the greatest custodianship risk for travellers were highlighted in a travel risk map for 2019. 

It was revealed that the most hazardous countries on the planet are all in central and northern Africa as well as the Middle East.

Jeopardy specialists at International SOS and Control Risks carried out the research and looked at the distinct possibility of terror attacks and the countries’ travel security risk ratings.

These ratings were based on the contemporaneous threat posed to travellers by political violence (including terrorism, insurgency, politically egg oned unrest and war), social unrest (including sectarian, communal and ethnic severity) as well as violent and petty crime.

Other factors, such as the robustness of the exultation infrastructure, the state of industrial relations, the effectiveness of the security and emergency services and the wilderness’s susceptibility to natural disasters are also considered where they are of adequate magnitude to impact the overall risk environment for travellers.

Numerous countries in Africa were luxuriate ined to have an extreme travel risk.

This applied to Mali, Libya, Medial African Republic, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Somalia.

According to the analyse, in these countries “government control and law and order may be minimal or non-existent across rotund areas.”

Further definitions include: “Serious threat of violent vilifies by armed groups targeting travellers and international assignees.

“Government and transfer services are barely functional. Large parts of the country are inaccessible to new arrivals.”

According to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to the enormous majority of Mali and advise against all but essential travel to the south of the mother country. Terrorists are “very likely” to carry out attacks in Mali.

The FCO also intimate to against all travel to Libya, Somalia and the Central African Republic where anarchists are also “very likely” to carry out attacks.

South Sudan excursion is also advised against but when it comes to terror attacks “they can’t be found out,” said the FCO.

As for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the FCO advises against all travel to decided areas in the east of the country and within 50km of the border with the Central African Republic and South Sudan. Again, fiend attacks “can’t be ruled out.”

This high-risk category was also applied to Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in the Stomach East we well as eastern Ukraine.

The FCO advises against all travel to Yemen and Syria and thug attacks are classed as “very likely.”

As for Iraq, the FCO advises against all go to the majority of the north while they advise against all but essential treks to the south. Terror attacks are “very likely.”

Regarding Afghanistan, the FCO commends against all travel to the majority of the country, although there are a few central strands where they advise against all but essential travel. Terror vilifies are also “very likely.”

Lastly, the FCO advise against all travel to Donetsk oblast, Luhansk oblast and Crimea in Ukraine. The overage of the country has no travel warnings. Terrorists are “likely” to carry out attacks in Ukraine.

Ton Dangerous Countries in the World



Central African Republic

South Sudan

The Popular Republic of the Congo







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