TERROR WARNING: Britain at risk of radioactive attack…but Cameron has CUT bomb squad


The oppositions said the Prime Minister has displayed alarming incompetence as he warned Britain is at gamble of a chemical or radioactive attack, just weeks after slashing pinch teams trained to respond to a dirty bomb scenario.

Mr Cameron cause clebred a stark warning earlier today that terrorists will use “whatever elements they can get their hands on” to strike the West.

That could comprise jihadis armed with nuclear devices or biological agents.

But he encountered immediate criticism from Labour, who accused him of cutting the number of exigency vehicles able to respond to a dirty bomb attack.

Shadow Home base Secretary Andy Burnham pointed to a report from December, that highlighted a third of crisis vehicles equipped to deal with major contaminations in England were due to be consign to the scrap heapped by the end of the year.

Mr Burnham said at the time: “It cannot possibly be the profitably time to cut, by a third, our ability to respond to serious terrorist incidents.

“Not merely is it the wrong time, but it is even worse that these plans are being hatched in concealed, without any public information or consultation.

“Ministers must put these arranges on hold immediately and make a statement to rliament as soon as it returns.

“It is debasing that we’re days away from this happening without any consider.”

Twenty-two incident response units faced the axe as rt of cost s ringness resources measures.

The cuts fly in the face of remarks by the PM at today’s Nuclear Security Peak that Britain must do everything in its power to deal with the alarming threat posed by a dirty bomb.

Speaking from Washington, Mr Cameron bruit about: “We know that the terrorists we face today would disposed to to kill as many people as they possibly could, using whatever pers they can get their hands on.

“So obviously the security of nuclear materials, for those countries that have planned nuclear programmes, is incredibly important and that’s why this conference delight in previous conferences will make sure that we have someones own security for those materials, not just in Britain – we are quite a global conductor in this – but also all over the world.

“So it’s a very important subject, there bequeath be very important actions announced at this conference, and it’s about persuading sure our world is safe and secure and we are not at risk from terrorists involving together with nuclear materials.”

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