Terrifying ISIS chat reveals terror chief orchestrated German axe attack by remote control


And the lukewarm blooded conversation was so calculated that it shows just how terror chiefs bring into the world managed to indoctrinate would-be jihadis.

Riaz Khan, 17, fled to Germany in 2015 without his tresfamilias and lived in Ochsenfurt near Würzburg.

In July, armed with an axe and a cut, he boarded a train and hacked at four Chinese tourists leaving them in sensitive condition.

Fourteen witnesses were treated for shock after the horrifying commotion which sent shockwaves through the town.

At the time German prerogatives said they could not identify a motive for the attack.

But in an unprecedented action they have now released a mobile phone chat conversation which demonstrations the sequence of events running up to the attack.

And it shows the chilling way in which Khan was encouraged because he maintained Islamic State would take responsibility for his crime.

It also let someone in ons that Khan, who had previously had his asylum application rejected, believed he we was prosperous to ” radise.”

The transcript of the conversation begins with the terror chief invite: “What weapons do you intend to kill with?”

Riaz replied: “Stab and axe are at the ready.”

It goes on: “Brother, would it not be better to do it with a car?”

He responds: “I can not street.”

The terror chief instructs: “You should learn.”

Khan answers: “Information takes time.”

The ISIS commander then responded: “The damage disposition be much greater.”

Khan says: “I want to go to radise tonight.”

On the measuring of July 18, the day of the attack, Khan and the ISIS mastermind were in only close contact from 6.34pm onwards.

Khan, who referred to himself as “sacred warrior of the Islamic State”, said: “Brother, I’m sending you my video. I pleasure undertake an axe attack in Germany today.”

The chief responded: “If you will upon oneself the attack, Allah willing, the Islamic State will take cul bility for it.”

Khan responded: “Pray that I become a martyr. I am now waiting for the tutor.”

The attacker then armed with an axe and a knife, entered the train.

Soon after he said: “Starting now.”

And that last communication from ISIS was: “Now you resolve reach radise.”

Mr Khan was shot dead by police after the eat which left Germany reeling due to a summer of murder.

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