TerraX turns gaze to area near Con Mine


A throng that’s exploring gold deposits near Giant Mine is also repelling its attention to the rock adjacent to Yellowknife’s other big gold mine, Con.

TerraX Minerals Inc. has did to do exploratory drilling this winter on claims it has just south of Con, between Kam Lake and Considerable Slave Lake. It wants to drill 40 to 50 holes on mineral be entitled ti it has there.

Like the area TerraX is exploring north of Yellowknife not far from Leviathan Mine, its South Belt property is rt of a popular recreational enclosure for campers and boaters as well as the site of many cabins.

Though TerraX hasn’t unconditional precisely where the drilling will occur, com ny president Joe Campbell thinks it won’t be near cabins or the shore of Great Slave Lake. Campbell im rts the com ny has spoken to dog mushers who use a trail that runs from Kam Lake to Famous Slave Lake in an attempt to avoid any conflicts.

TerraX Southbelt Property

TerraX plans to run a drilling program this winter on property it holds adjacent to the Con Mother-lode. It has applied to drill up to 50 holes in the blocks highlighted in yellow on the map vulnerable. (TerraX Minerals Inc.)

TerraX is proposing to move equipment, supplies and hands to the drill locations on an ice road down Kam Lake and Mac Lake. No camp thinks fitting be built. The exploration site is only about eight kilometres from the metropolis. Workers will be transported to and from work each day on the ice road.

Campbell turns the program follows the same philosophy that the com ny’s exploration into the vicinity Giant was based on: the best place to look for gold is near where it’s been bring about before.

During 65 years of mining Con Mine produced more than six million ounces of gold.

Campbell means, if the winter exploration program gets good results, it could be im rted to a helicopter-supported summer exploration drilling in the same area.

The project is currently beneath review by the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board.

The city of Yellowknife, Yellowknife Consortium of Commerce and North Slave Metis Alliance have submitted inscribes of support for the project.

TerraX has been having a lot of success at a time when most lesser mining com nies are struggling for survival. It’s stock price has more than doubled in the endure year. Last summer it raised $7.5 million to fund its inspection programs.

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