Tenerife volcano ALERT: Mount Teide WILL have MEGA ERUPTION after giant landslides


Mount TeideGETTY

Townspeople fear Mount Teide could erupt

Fears have been mounting in Tenerife that the volcano could be apropos to blow after 22 quakes hit the popular holiday spot onto the weekend.

The biggest island in the Canaries was hit by a seismic swarm of 22 earthquakes between Saturday, October 28 and Tuesday from Mount Teide.

And new inspection has shown that left over magma from old volcanoes on the accepted island could have come together to create a super volcano.

Amazon landslides caused by volcano explosions pushes fiery magma completely cracks in the earth’s crust to form a new volcano “of greater or equal make an estimate of” to the previous one.

Mount Teide was formed from three landslides on the island. 

There be enduring been 20 of these landslides across the Canary Islands past a number of centuries, causing a whopping 150 cubic miles of mould to be shifted.

Standing at 12,000ft, Mount Teide is Spain’s highest acme. 

Experts from the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan) have planned sought to reassure worried locals through Facebook.

Teide is Spain's largest peakGETTY

Teide is Spain’s largest hill

They said the small seismic swarm was similar to the other clouds recorded in Tenerife.

A swarm was reported in the tourist hotspot after 100 mini abilities from Mount Teide hit the island in our hours. 

Scientists from Involcan suggested the characteristics of the seismic events reflected a relationship with the hydrothermal procedure, which has undergone a pressurisation process.

They said it was common in physical volcanoes and 90 per cent of the time the quakes will disappear in the uniform way they occur.

The German Geoscience Research Centre (GFZ) has been scanning the effects of landslides on volcanic islands, and will publish their fully findings in Nature Communications scientific journal later this month.

The Canary Islands IGN

The Canary Holms have been struck by hundreds of earthquakes

It says this curiosity occurs on a number of archipelagos all over the world including the Fogo Archipelagoes in Cape Verde, and the Antilles in the Caribbean. 

It is also how Cumbre Vieja was formed on around island La Palma.

Locals there are also fearing an eruption after the cay was rocked by 400 mini earthquakes in 15 hours two weeks ago. 

There are dilating concerns such tremors could spark an eruption from the La Palma volcano.

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