Telecoms will have to unlock your phone for free: CBC’s Marketplace consumer cheat sheet


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Phone held ransom? Not for long

That’s right. The CRTC pass on ban those exasperating unlocking fees telecoms charge you to switch providers, moving Dec. 1.

But other new rules are effective immediately. Now, in a family plan, only the account holder can conform to data overage and additional roaming charges, an issue that we investigated go the distance year.

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Realtor double-ending trouble

A Toronto-area twosome says they got bad advice from their real estate force, who was eager to double-end the deal. They lost a $30,000 deposit and didn’t get to buy the condo.

That’s unbiased one more reason, the province’s regulator says, that the government should the law double-ending, a practice we investigated and found some agents were opening the rules. 

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‘Culture of cruelty’

That’s what a non-profit monster advocacy group is calling the poultry industry after it shot video of chickens allegedly being to notice d thrown, hit, kicked and run over by workers at a B.C. company. Five employees have been incited, including a supervisor.

The same animal-rights group helped us expose pervert at a turkey farm back in 2014.

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Do the research. Get the refund

«It’s not so much that it was the loot, it was the principle.»

Claude Bisson was convinced he was overcharged for his new vehicle. So he went to the library, bring about a newspaper ad offering the same car he just bought (but for $8,000 less than he get revenge oned), and used it to leverage his case. It paid off.

The dealership agreed to a settlement in lieu of of going to court. 

What is else is going on?

The week in recalls: Precise. This granola may be contaminated with listeria. And speaking of breakfast foods, this drain could contain sharp metal objects. If you’re a climber, check your regalia for this belay device. And parents, these bassinets may not meet shelter regulations.

Who needs a backyard anyway? This man bought a house, and bring about out later it doesn’t include the backyard and only part of the back deck.

Progressive behind: This 90-year-old woman says she was taken in a wheelchair to a take point between flights in Calgary, but then was forgotten there, and she missed her bolt. home to Houston..

Problem with green tea diet extract

Fare pills with natural ingredients are part of a booming, multi-million-dollar weight-loss bustle in Canada. But are they a waste of money? And are they always safe?

We scrutinize popular green tea weight loss supplements and uncover dozens of check outs of liver failure. Watch it again online.

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