Tehama County shooting: At least five dead at elementary school – students airlifted out


The conjectural gunman was also shot dead by authorities, the sheriff’s department spoke.

There are also reports and eyewitness accounts of several people ill-treated, with some airlifted from the school.

The sheriff’s department in Tehama County thought officers had recovered a semiautomatic rifle and two handguns believed to have been adapted to by the shooter.

Police in Tehama County, California, said the shooting enter oned at a home in the local area and moved to Rancho Tehama elementary teach.

Several shots were fired at the school, sometime before 9am.

There are currently 100 law enforcement personnel on the disturbance, while residents have been encouraged to remain in their adept ins as police investigate.

Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said: “I conscious that we have airlifted a number of students. 

“I know that the school in’s been cleared. I know that we have children that were handling school in a safe location at this time.”

Three people have been killed in a shooting at a California schoolSaraStinsonNews/Twitter

Three people fool been killed in a shooting at a California school

Eyewitness Coy Ferreira raked local media KRCR he was dropping his daughter off a kindergarten around 8am village time when the shooting began.

He said he heard what probed like a firecracker before a school secretary ran out and told everyone to go into classrooms due to a shooter at the approach.

Mr Ferreira told reporters he ran into a classroom with 14 swotters.

He said bullets flew through the classroom windows, hitting one admirer who was shot in the foot and chest.

He said a child in an adjacent classroom was run the show under the arm. Both children were conscious and talking after they were incentive.

Ferreira said he saw a gunman, who looked to be in his 30’s or 40’s, and was dressed in nave camouflage clothing as he ran from the school after the brutal attack.

Dwellers in the Rancho Tehama area have been asked to stay in their current ins until the area is secured and shooters are captured.

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