Teenager stabbed in mouth with 'RAZOR' after fight outside McDonald's – reports


Predicament services have rushed to the scene at Redhill town centre in Surrey.

Views described how the victim “covered in clood” rushed into RoadRunners Ride on the ground service after he was stabbed in the mouth, according to local reports.

A local recounted the Surrey Mirror: “A teenager came in covered in blood. He had blood all down his shirt.

“He had been pierced in the mouth around the back of RoadRunners Gatwick and asked for a taxi but we couldn’t get him one in that phase.”

The National Police Air Service helicopter (NAPS) is at the scene.

The attack undertook place in the alleyway, which runs down the side of Coral on the Stiff Street.

A witness said she saw a boy “covered in blood on the right side” after he was dis raged in the alleyway.

She told the local news per: “There was all this blood splattered all onto the floor everywhere, including puddles of blood. The guy was spitting out blood identical to he was being sick.”

Shocking pictures from the scene show bloodstains on the justification near where the reported brawl took place.

The boy is understood to should prefer to been taken to hospital, but it remains unclear what condition he is in.

The sucker was reportedly stabbed with a razor during the attack at 4.15pm.

A Surrey The gendarmes spokesman said they are investigating the “large public order set-to” after a brawl broke out between a gang of youths.

They deliver asked witnesses to come forward with any information.

Officers have in the offing set up a cordon outside Marketfield car rk and a nearby alleyway.

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