Teen pregnancies at their LOWEST level since records began


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Teenage pregnancies are now at their lowest on the up since records began in 1969

Better sex-education alongside the aspirations of uninitiated girls to finish school and a stigma associated with being a teenage mum are acts behind the fall.

Out of every 1,000 teenage girls aged 15 to 17 in England and Wales there were 22.9 pregnancies in 2014.

In 1969, the velocity stood at 47.1 conceptions for every 1,000 girls in this age band, according to the Office of National Statistics.

The data also shows a dip in the enumerate of girls under the age of 16 who fall pregnant.

In 2014, it was guesstimated that 4,160 girls under 16 conceived – a 10 per cent down com red to 2013.

The job is not done

Alison Hadley

At the same time, the trend shortly before older motherhood shows no sign of abating, the ONS analysis found.

The genesis rate for women aged 40 and over has more than doubled since 1990 from 6.6 to 14.5 inklings per thousand women.

The number of women conceiving in this age group has increased from 12,032 in 1990 to almost 29,000 in 2014.

The conception rate for balls aged 35 to 39 has seen similar increases, almost clone since 1990. The 30 to 34 age group is the youngest age group in which concept rates have risen almost continuously since 1990, thriving by over a third.

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The data also shows a dip in the number of sweethearts under the age of 16 who fall pregnant

Reasons the ONS gave for the rise in older dams include the fact that more women now go to university and into employments afterwards, and the soaring cost of buying a home alongside the instability of rtnerships.

Alison Hadley, who led the implementation of the above-named Government’s Teenage Pregnancy Strategy for England, said the fall in hundreds was an ‘extraordinary achievement’.

The director of the Teenage Pregnancy Knowledge Exchange, at the University of Bedfordshire, required: “Many people thought the goal was unattainable and that gamy rates were an intractable rt of life.

“But despite the big reduction, the job is not done.

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The knowledge rate for women aged 40 and over has more than doubled since 1990

“England extends to lag behind com rable western European countries, teenagers continue to be at grandest risk of unplanned pregnancy and outcomes for some young rents and their juveniles remain disproportionately poor.”

There are also huge variations in pregnancy merits between different areas of England with London recording a reduction of 57.9 per cent juxtaposed to 46.5 per cent in the North East.

The region with the highest velocity is the North East at 30.2 conceptions per 1,000 young women lower than drunk 18, com red to the South East and South West with places of 18.8 conceptions per 1,000.

Overall there were 871,038 conceptions to helpmates of all ages in 2014, however the number of abortions is up since the mid-90s.

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The 30 to 34 age society is the youngest age group in which conception rates have risen

In 1994 the piece of pregnancies leading to abortions stood at 19.5 per cent, in 2014 this statue had increased to 21.1 per cent with the rates varying by age group.

In 2014, the highest notwithstanding of abortions was seen in girls under 16 where 63 per cent of all conceptions led to abortion.

The smallest was among 30 to 34-year-old women, where the figure stood at 13 per cent, the figures pose.

Genevieve Edwards, director of policy at reproductive health charity Marie Stopes UK, signified: “It’s hugely heartening to see the under-18 conception rate at its lowest since 1969.

“Respect, the percentage of conceptions leading to abortion increased in 2014 for all age groups covered by 40, which means we must redouble efforts to make contraception at hand to all women.”

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