Technology will Save Us: the design studio teaching kids to value art and science


We seize the East London-based start-up to find out about its latest crowdfunding compete, and the importance of learning creativity, technology and science from a young age.

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London-based studio Technology (Tech) Will Save Us was founded in 2012, with the effect of inspiring children by combining the power of play with the possibilities of sphere and technology.

All of the start-up’s products – which have ranged from a wearable weapon to a synthesiser kit – are designed so that kids are able to build and develop the kickshaws themselves.

Its latest crowdfunding campaign, Dough Universe, comprises three special kits that all use conductive dough to teach users about the “fundamentals of intensity through light, movement and sound”.

We spoke to product design moving Sadhbh Doherty about the idea behind Dough Universe, and the distinction of embedding STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) into knowledge.

Find out more about the crowdfunding campaign here.

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