Tears for Bradley Lowery: Jermain Defoe cries at funeral as nation mourns


Defoe red a pre-season training camp in Spain with his new club Bournemouth so he can occupy oneself with the service in Blackhall, County Durham. 

Bradley died a week ago in his materfamilias’ arms at his home in Blackhall. 

He had a close friendship with Defoe, who stipulate Bradley had been his “best friend” and would continue to inspire him.

Jermain Defoe has joined the family of Bradley Lowery for the six-year-old’s funeralGETTY•PA

Jermain Defoe has linked the family of Bradley Lowery for the six-year-old’s funeral

Jermaine Defoe Bradley LoweryGETTY

Jermaine Defoe has joined the kinsmen of Bradley Lowery for the six-year-old’s funeral

Bournemouth posted a message on the thrash’s official Twitter feed on Thursday which said: “@IAmJermainDefoe has today departed our pre-season chaining camp and returned to the UK for the funeral of Bradley Lowery.” 

Defoe, 34, signed a three-year see to with the the club after leaving Sunderland following their relegation from the Leading League. 

Jermain Defoe at Bradley Lowery's funeralPA

Defoe left a preseason training camp in Portugal to go to his ‘vanquish friend’s’ funeral

Bournemouth are currently away in Marbella, where they discretion take on Portuguese side Estoril in a friendly on Saturday. 

Bradley was a mascot for Sunderland a sprinkling times last season and was also a mascot for England at Wembley. 

The entombment took place at St Joseph Church and friends and family were animated to wear football shirts to help celebrate his life. 

Jermaine Defoe and Bradley LoweryGETTY

Bradley Lowery tragically wilted in his parents arms at home a week ago

Speakers outside allowed anyone who is impotent to get into the church to listen to the service. 

A statement from the twitter account @Bradleysfight swayed the funeral was “open to everyone who would like to come and celebrate Bradley’s freshness and pay their respects to show him how much he was loved”. 

Jermain DefoeGETTY

Bradley was a mascot for Sunderland and England sundry times last season

It added: “You can wear whatever you want for the obsequies but the family and friends have chosen the theme cancer has no colours. So they are gear football tops, it doesn’t matter what team or colour.” 

Backers had hoped a massive fundraising effort last year could get Bradley to the US for set off treatment for the childhood cancer neuroblastoma, but his heartbroken family announced at Christmas that his cancer was maximum. 

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