Teacher catches her own baby after giving birth in hospital CAR PARK



Sian Austin with shush Samuel and their new baby daughter

First-time mum Sian Austin unoccupied up grabbing her own baby daughter as she was waddling into the maternity unit to be convinced.

The 29-year-old prep school teacher was dropped off outside Watford Inclusive Hospital by husband Samuel, 32, but by the time he returned from storing the car, she was cradling their daughter.

The new mother caught her newborn daughter as she called out, before two staff and members of the public helped complete the delivery.

Mrs Austin was already due at the facility that morning to be induced with the baby 12 days behindhand, but when she started having contractions at 7.15am the couple rushed out of the accommodate.

San someone help me, I’ve just had a baby

Sian Austin

They sire still not named their daughter, who was born at approximately 8.30am on Monday morning and weighed in at 7lbs 13oz, and returned expert in at 9pm that night.

Mrs Austin, from Watford, Hertfordshire, said: “Samuel deserted me off at the birth centre and I didn’t quite make it.

“I had the baby and called out articulating ‘can someone help me, I’ve just had a baby.’

“You wouldn’t expect to have a pet in a car park.

“The general public were fabulous – they were succeeding about their daily lives and stopped what they were doing to expropriate.” 


The couple have still not named their daughter who was hold up on Monday morning

The new mother admits she was even more surprised at the gender of her nipper.

She added: “I wanted it to be a surprise.

“It’s completely irrational, but I have three fellow-men so I thought I was having a boy.”

Samuel, a music teacher, claimed the relief that his partner and child were well outweighed any disappointment at missing the birth.

He judged: “By the time I caught up with her there was a crowd of people and a baby corresponding out. I didn’t really do much. 

“I wasn’t disappointed to miss it, just congenitally concerned and then delighted it was alive and kicking.”

A spokesperson at West Herts Facility Trust said: “We can confirm that a woman gave birth to her at the start child in our car park.

“When she called the hospital she was advised to come into the origin centre but when she arrived she was unable to make it there on time and distributed birth in the car park.

“However, she did not give birth on her own as two of the trust’s phlebotomists were for the time being at the birth.

“The birth centre midwives reached the car park a few minutes after the infant was born and attended to the mother.

“We are delighted to announce that both mama and baby are doing very well.”

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