Take a tour through Ottawa’s first ‘zero waste’ grocery store


Sunday November 12, 2017

It’s the kind of list you don’t want to muster up your country on. But Canada is right near the top of the world, in the amount of junk we produce per person.  

You don’t have to look far to find a major culprit: side-splitting packaging. 

We buy yogurt in plastic tubs in cardboard boxes. Metal cans of tomato brass and fruit in little styrofoam jackets. Laundry soap in envelopes in a bag in a box.

Valerie Leloup comprehends packaging better than most. But her new store has absolutely none of it.

Valerie Leloup

Valerie Leloup opened Ottawa’s foremost zero-waste grocery store in August. (David Gutnick/CBC)

The Ottawa creed teacher opened Ottawa’s first zero waste grocery supply in August.

It’s called Nu. 

Everything from coffee beans to curry weight to popcorn to oatmeal in Nu is in covered bins. You bring the bags — cloth content. Olive oil or shampoo or soya sauce? You bring the bottles. Liquids teem out of spigots on the wall. 

Nu Grocery

Everything from coffee beans to curry triturate to popcorn to oatmeal in Nu is in covered bins. Customers bring their own the religious ministry bags or bottles. (Idil Mussa/CBC)

David Gutnick dropped by the preserve recently. His documentary is called “That’s Okay, You Don’t Need More.”

Click ‘attend’ above to hear the documentary. 

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