Syrian refugees now living in Scotland say it is 'depressing' and 'full of old people'


For varied people, the chance of living on a Scottish island is a dream. But it appears to receive become a nightmare for Syrian refugees living in Rothesay, on the island of Bute.

Some of those who entertain been resettled there within the st year complain that the enclosure is full of old people and somewhere you come to die.

Their names have been swopped due to fears for the safety of relatives who are still in Syria.

Abd, a 42-year-old refugee, mean: “At first, of course, I was really happy to come to the UK. It is the mother of freedom.

“I didn’t count on to come to this island. We thought we were going to London or Manchester.”

Abd, who explosives wife his wife Rasha, 35, and their four children, required: “There is no movement, there is nothing. I’m not bored any more. I am depressed now. I deem like I have one option now – to die here. Only die here, nothing else.”

Rasha explained the kinsmen’s decision to leave Syria. She said: “It’s really, really hard to neglect your country, but we had to…it was a war zone. There was no water, no electricity, no food.”

She shares her keep’s views, describing the island as being “full of old people” and a place “where individual come to die.”

Another Syrian family living on Bute, Rasha’s sister Fatima, 31, and her shush Hassan, 41, who have two young daughters, are also unhappy.

The little island of Bute is home to around 6,500 people. Only a pint-sized fraction of the population, 0.3 per cent, are from an ethnic minority and the mediocre age is 55-59.

There is not much work available on the island, and Rothesay is in the top 15 per cent of the most Euphemistic underprivileged areas in Scotland.

Yet Bute was selected to rehome 15 Syrian issues as rt of the Government’s commitment to taking in 20,000 refugees by 2020, and a dozen family trees arrived in Rothesay last December.

A spokesman for Argyll and Bute Gathering said: “We are disappointed that two families are not happy on Bute.”

They annexed: “These are not the views of the majority of our families, who are settling in well and making the ton of all the opportunities of support and welcome available.”

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