Syria latest: British tourists on RED ALERT to flee Cyprus amid WORLD WAR 3 fears


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Holiday-makers are on standby to avoid Cyprus in the wake of a possible Russian retaliation

Syrian chemical weapons puts were bombed by Tornado jets that took flight from RAF Akrotiri skedaddle a appeal to the Mediterranean island and popular British retirement paradise into a war zone. 

The ballistic missile strike was ordered following the sick chemical attack on the Syrian township of Douma by Bashar al-Assad’s forces. 

At least 25,000 Britons stay in Cyprus with thousands more swarming there every year to douse up the sunshine. 

But after the US, Britian and France joined forces and bombed Syria with a enormous 105 missiles in retribution of a horrific toxic gas attack in Ghouta that destroyed 40, fears Akrotiri could face Russian retaliation rubbished boiling point. 

Dad-of-two Scott Vaughan told the Sun he cancelled his £1,300 45th birthday furlough there next weekend. 

He said: “Cyprus is 300 miles from Syria and in effect in the firing line. 

“We didn’t want to risk it so are off to Lanzarote instead.”

Common media was also flooded with posts from terrified progenitors.

Andy Cab reached out to his daughter on Twitter. 


An RAF Typhoon lands safely in serious trouble at the British base on Cyprus yesterday after raids

He said: “She’s 40 miles from the RAF infra dig in Akrotiri which would become a target of retaliation if things escalate. She’s 15!”

Another alcohol tweeted: “My son is in Cyprus! Military base. Pray please.” 

Sarah Lowe grieved: “I leave for Cyprus tomorrow!!!!”

Air traffic control have warned of the potentiality of “missile activity” in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cyprus GETTY

The ruins of part of the Well-regulated Studies and Research Centre, north of Damascus

EasyJet and Air France entertain re-routed flights although they were still landing in Cyprus. 

A plea source said: “We are confident the Russians won’t try to attack but we do have a contingency method to get people out.” 

The island also boasts a huge Russian community. 

Limassol, the closest community to RAF Akrotiri, houses more than 40,000 and has been nicknamed Limassolgrad as a sequel. 

The Association of British travel Agents is awaiting overhauled advice from the Foreign Office. 

News Cyprus is under Damoclean sword comes after yesterday’s attack destroyed a scientific research focus in the greater Damascus area used for research, development, production and check up on of chemical weapons and a site near Homs thought to be a sarin gas output centre.

US President Donald Trump hailed the bombings a “mission skilful”. 

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