Swiss plan MAJOR financial alliance including UK but NOT EU after Brexit



Swiss officials are plan up plans for a financial alliance with UK after Brexit

But the European Federation does not feature in the so-called F4 alliance and officials in Brussels are said to be fierce at the proposals.

The revelations come in a series of internal memos written by the the Megalopolis of London’s top Brexit envoy Jeremy Browne.

Switzerland is «quite dissentious» about the EU and «see opportunities in Brexit», including the possibility of an «F4» alliance of financial hubs in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland, although they endure «nervous» about a cliff-edge withdrawal, according to the memos. 

But Mr Browne advised the EU may seek to take business away from the City, including the multibillion pulp euro-clearing market.

Jeremy BrowneGETTY/GOV

New Zealand urban area of London Brexit envoy Jeremy Browne

The former Liberal Democrat Proficient in Office minister said Brussels blood was boiling at the idea of London “unused brazenly unaffected” by Brexit.

And he blasted the EU’s approach to negotiating with the UK as “baffling” and “reckless”, according to City AM.

Other points irritating to Eurocrats contain Estonia and Latvia’s desire for the UK to remain “a bulwark against Russian combativeness” and and Poland’s “myopic obsession with the size of Britain’s exit fee”.

Mr Browne’s memos recommend Italy “retains a sentimental affinity for Britain” and is be more “conciliatory than the French or Germans”.

Brexit talksGETTY

Municipality of London Brexit Envoy Jeremy Browne said EU attitudes to the talks were ‘baffling’

The inability of Brussels to comprehend British politics, or read the British seal at the most elementary level, is bewildering

Jeremy Browne

City AM covers how one note reveals concerns over the way Brussels negotiators are handling Brexit talks.

He revealed: “Some brinkmanship is inevitable, but it requires good judgement about where the rim is. 

“The inability of Brussels to comprehend British politics, or read the British goodness at the most elementary level, is bewildering; reckless even.

“It is true that the British regularly suffer from similar failings, but the relevant consideration with Brexit is the interaction between the EU and Britain.


Brexit Secretary David Davis and his EU counterpart Michel Barnier

“If Croatia was leaving we would all pull someones leg to brush up on the psyche of the Croatians, but they are not.”

Mr Browne said despite the broadcasts negotiations will “ultimately succeed, or at least not wholly fail”.

He distinguished there was “a recognition of the scale of the City of London, and acknowledgment that applying excessive harm on London would have negative consequences for the EU27 as poetically as for Britain”.

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