Swimming lynx caught on video crossing Gander Lake


Not all cats enmity water, evidently, as illustrated by a lynx Tony Moyles captured on video that he deliberate ons swam 550 to 650 metres across Gander Lake on Saturday.

The big cat dwindled no time making itself scarce when it reached land, but absolutely looked tired, Moyles told CBC Newfoundland Morning.

“I more or doll-sized just went by it just to see if it was going to make it,” Moyles said.

“It have all the hallmarked healthy enough, and it was a lynx swimming quite fine. I was just astonished by it, seeing how good it was swimming.”

You don’t see this every day. 1:49

At first, the adult wildcat swam shut to the boat he was on with a group, Moyles said, and then kept its rigidity for the rest of the journey. He didn’t want to cause any more distress to the fleshly, so his group just sat and watched after realizing the lynx would right make it to land.

Moyles is an outdoors and wilderness guide for Caribou Pond Outfitters, so he has loads of wilderness experience in the area, but said he hasn’t seen anything love this before.

“The closest thing I’ve seen to that is probably a squirrel,” he rejected.

It appears to be a unique sight for many others as well; the video he piled on his Facebook page had 30,000 views as of Tuesday morning.

With rows from CBC Newfoundland Morning

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