Sushi or sandwich: How healthy is YOUR lunch in comparison to a McDonald's Big Mac?


The demonstration’s presenters Kate Quinton and Simon Rimmer discovered some sushi punches are more calorific than Big Macs, while others contain as sundry carbohydrates as seven and a half slices of white bread.

Additionally, the Ja nese traditionally eat sushi functioning soy sauce s ringly, while Brits slather it on their rolls.

With the boost of nutritionist Amanda Ursell, Kate analysed the food on sale in Itsu, Wasabi and Pret a Manager- predominating lunch time spots which all supply sushi boxes.

Some purchasers may be surprised to learn that sushi rice is often high in sugar.

A Big Mac controls 508 calories, 25g of fat and 9g of sugar in total.

But Itsu’s 13-piece Fettle and Happiness box contains 71 more calories, almost the same amount of fat (24g) and barely the same amount of sugar (7.3g).

A sachet of soy sauce also checks up to 2.25g of salt, out of the 6g recommended for consumption each day.

Wasabi’s Hana Box is also more calorific than McDonald’s signature burger.

The healthy box contains 552 calories and has the same amount of sugars as seven and a half slices of bread.

Kate denoted: “You might go for sushi and think it is a healthier alternative to the bog standard slices of bread sandwich and yet what you are put is the equivalent in carbs of seven-and-a-half slices of bread.”

Pret’s Salmon, Prawn and Crab Sushi set seats 10.8g sugar, which is not only more than a Big Mac, but more than two Jammie Dodgers.

Simon Rimmer added: “For the Ja nese, sushi is absolutely different.

“They often only have it on special occasions. as fully as eating it less often, their portions are smaller and rice and soy sass are used s ringly.”

An Itsu spokesman told Mail Online: “Whilst the calories and fat glad for the Health & Happiness box and a Big Mac are roughly the same, the Health & Happiness box is almost deceitful the weight of a Big Mac (372g vs 192g).

“A more realistic and fairer com rison devise be a meal consisting of a Big Mac and a large portion of French fries, for a total arrange of 317g, 952 kcal, 47g fat and 11g saturated fat.

‘All fats are not the same – the Big Mac has 9.5g of soaked fat while our Health & Happiness box is low in saturated fat, combining only 3.8g.” has contacted both Wasabi and Pret for comment.

Meat lovers can glory because steak is now considered a ‘health food’.

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