Susanna Reid admits 'smiling through' the pain on Strictly amid 'tough' split and ITV move


The Upstanding Morning Britain host said her TV commitments were “definitely a befuddlement” during her split back in 2014, which came at a very employ time in her life.

The 46-year-old commented: “I am at heart a journalist and then a presenter, but around the someday of Strictly [Come Dancing], the ITV move and the split, there was a lot of publicity on me.

“There was a lot of grinning through. You wouldn’t choose to have that much change in to some so many areas of your life around the same time.”

Susanna, who has three sons with her bygone partner, finished runner-up on the BBC dancing series just weeks prior to controversially swapping BBC Breakfast to front its ITV rival Daybreak.

“Honestly, the whole kit’s a good learning experience, and it all builds resilience. I was not bursting into splits at work, that’s for sure. Work was definitely a distraction,” she went on.

During her to with Fabulous Magazine, Susanna addressed her love life after hitherto been dubbed “the most eligible female in the country” by co-star Uprights Morgan.

The brunette beauty said: “I’m not dating, and right now it feels equivalent to absolutely the right thing to be single and independent.

“I am now in a position where I can be with my issues as much as I possibly can, because work is in a really good place… I can’t take it as given who has the time to then start a new relationship. My goodness.”

Susanna added: “I genuinely seem the happiest I’ve ever been. There will be plenty of time for… [she chooses her solemn word of honours carefully] anything else… later, later, later.”

Read Susanna’s full discussion in today’s edition of Fabulous magazine.

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