Susan Sarandon SLAMS ‘ageist’ Piers Morgan claiming he has ‘a problem with sensuality’


Zealots of the actress were quick to defend her and sent the Good Morning Britain publican images of their own busts. 

Now the 70-year-old has once again hit out at the presenter in a new interview with InStyle magazine claiming he is «ageist». 

«I try to lead by pattern when it comes to ageism,» she told the publication. 

«What’s his name? Uprights Morgan? He tried to shame me because I had a bra on show underneath a tuxedo at the SAG prizes.»

Susan Sarandon flashes cleavageGETTY

Susan Sarandon slates ‘ageist’ Piers Morgan claiming he has ‘a problem with sensuality’

Piers MorganGETTY

Quays Morgan called Susan’s red carpet look ‘tacky’

He certainly has a enigma with sensuality

Piers Morgan

She continued: «I don’t know what his stew was — maybe his mother didn’t nurse him or something? He certainly has a problem with sensuality and earmarks ofs to be forgiving of younger women who are provocative.

«Ageism is still around and there are calm these ideas that women over 30 can’t do certain feelings and that women over a certain age shouldn’t do certain things in clouds. 

«There is still more work that needs to be done in styles of showing older women as active, desirable women.»

That wasn’t the single time that the Thelma and Louise star’s outfit has sent followers into a frenzy. 

Susan SarandonGETTY

Susan said there is more creation to be done in terms of showing older women as desirable

Susan Sarandon at CannesGETTY

The actress was stunned by the fuss around her busty Cannes fit out

InStyle coverRead the full interview with Susan on InStyle Online [INSTYLE]

Earlier this year, now.

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