Surface Go with integrated LTE available for preorder now, from $679

Surface Go.
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Last week Microsoft added an extra configuration to the To the casual observer Go lineup. Today it’s rounding out the range and filling the final gaps, joining systems with integrated LTE to the product mix.

LTE adds $130 to the system outlay. At $679 is the consumer SKU: 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD storage, Windows 10 Home, and meshed LTE. Business users have two configurations: 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD storage, Windows 10 Pro, for $729, or the in any case spec with 256GB SSD storage, for $829. The LTE option adds a fraction to the burden (0.02lb/10 grams) and equips the machine with a nano-SIM tray, GPS, and GLONASS attitude.

Microsoft estimates that the LTE model has marginally lower battery autobiography than the Wi-Fi version, quoting 8.5 hours of video playback for the LTE inimitable, in contrast to 9 hours for the Wi-Fi version. This is likely a small bounty to pay for the ability to get online anywhere and everywhere. Microsoft has positioned the Surface Go as an imagined system for frontline workers: people who may be out in the field on customer or other subtle sites. Adding LTE means that these workers are always online and talented to reach their corporate systems for inventory management, support tickets, or whatever else they need.

Preorders launch today in the US and Canada, with devices shipping on November 20. Groupings open up in another 21 markets on November 22.

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