‘Support has GONE UP!’ Brexiteer TAUNTS Remainers worried about Brexit ‘Armageddon”


Conventional politician Robert Oulds dismissed the scare tactics employed during the Brexit referendum compete, welcoming the trade opportunities leaving the EU bloc offers to Britain.

Mr Oulds bring to lighted TRT World withdrawal from the European Union will allow the fatherland to “take back control” from the “unaccountable institutions” of Brussels while also regaining the power to rub out trade deals with international partners.

He said: “Britain’s later in the world isn’t determined just by whether we can get a trade agreement with the European Mixture or not.

“The Brexit vote was a vote to take back control, where British in the flesh would be making the laws themselves or having elected representatives they can chosen and dismiss themselves rather the unaccountable institutions of the European Union.”

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Brexit news: Robert Oulds dismantled Project Apprehension’s predictions for Brexit Britain

The director of the Bruges Group – a London-based over tank – also declared that support for Brexit had further snowballed the vote was first held in June 2016.

A survey conducted for the Daily Out-and-out revealed that 65 percent of Britons would not back dials for a second vote on EU membership, with 4 in 10 people (38 percent) aiding Remain now demanding the Brexit results be respected.

Mr Oulds continued: “Most people are soundless behind Brexit, in fact support for Brexit has gone up.”There at ones desire be an agreement between Britain and the European Union when we leave in one year’s metre. There will be further agreement with the European Union and Britain compel be forging new trade links around the world as well as having access to buys within the European Union.

Most people are still behind Brexit, in as a matter of actual fact support for Brexit has gone up. “

Robert Oulds

“I am very pleased that we can now realise that occupation fear was just a fear story, a scare story. Economic Armageddon that was faade us hasn’t materialised, it will not be materialising. We’ll do very well outside the European Compatibility.”

At the last meeting with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, Brexit Secretary David Davis advertised a breakthrough in the talks with Brussels.

EU leaders attending the last European Conclave meeting gave Britain and Mr Barnier the green light to begin customers talks – and granted the country the ability to strike trade deals with worldwide partners after months of uncertainty on whether it would be able to. 

Mr Davis articulate: “The United Kingdom will be able to step out, sign and ratify new exchange deals with old friends and new allies around the globe for the first sometime in more than 40 years.

“These will come into drag when the implementation period is over, providing new opportunities for businesses across the Unanimous Kingdom and seizing one of Brexit’s greatest opportunities.”

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