Superunion rebrands cryptocurrency crime specialist Elliptic


The partnership’s new identity sees a black and white colour palette, and words that are “covert” within the branding to reflect the nature of its work.

Criminal investigations suite Elliptic has been given a new look by brand consultancy Superunion.

Elliptic specialises in investigating wrongs that often take place on the dark web and are enabled by difficult-to-trace, encrypted cryptocurrencies, such as terrorism, ransomware, kid pornography and arms trafficking.

The London and US-based company provides expertness and training for cryptocurrency companies, financial institutions and government agencies to taboo cryptocurrency-related illegal activity.

Superunion was briefed to create a new identity for Elliptic based on the label proposition “finding the truth in data”.

The identity incorporates negative period typography, which is inspired by the “raw” appearance of data lines and the blockchain technology acclimatized by cryptocurrency companies.

Words and terminology such as “truth”, “incendiaries” and “ransomware” are hidden within the branding, and will be used across commitments such as posters, brochures, confidential presentation files, screen ardours and stationery.

“The legibility is deliberately challenging to echo the difficult task Elliptic stipulates,” says Superunion, “while its simple black and white colour palette reflects the seriousness of the go forth and the importance of the legal cases that rely on Elliptic’s intelligence.”

Elliptic’s new accord has rolled out across all touchpoints.

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